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The only flag that matters❣

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Project 2: Quote Me!

I have been assigned the following quote for the Quote Me project:

Wouldn’t it be interesting if there were
only one typeface in the world?
Designers would really have to think
about the idea behind their designs instead
of covering it up with fancy typefaces.
– Erik Kessels

I am able to use only one typeface (!) but I am free to use as many colours and point sizes as I want. This should be an interesting challenge!

‘Proven’ Final Piece

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 6.46.54 PM

Our identity is shaped by our culture, a vast array of fabrics woven together to create a unique person. How do social issues contribute to our self determination? We see Muslim women who wear the burqa as being oppressed, delicate beings that need freeing. Are we convinced that the burqa is proof of this female oppression, or are we equally as guilty of reducing their identities to this fabric?

Hand stitching test

I have stuck to the lace idea but I found some “floral” lace as I feel it would still be an effective backdrop to the text. I hand-stitched the Arabic word for ‘Proven’. I need to change this slightly as I was supposed to link up a couple of the Arabic letters, but I can do that fairly easily.


I’m still looking at how to overlay the English word for ‘Proven’ over the Arabic text. This is what I came up with so far but I’m not sure about it.IMG_6673

More sketches

I decided to focus on the niqab rather than the full burqa and see what kind of ideas I could come up with. I got some great feedback on the Blackboard discussion boards from my peers which inspired me to think further on my concept sketches. I also incorporated some of my typeface research into these sketches to get a clearer idea of what the end result would look like.

I came up with two further sketches which I thought I would share.


Playing with fire.

I got an old t-shirt to experiment with burning lettering (not the fire extinguisher as a precaution!)


The old t-shirt I used was 100% cotton. I used a torch lighter to control the burning and avoid any injuries. Some of the fabric curled, so there would need to be an underlay of a different coloured fabric to make it stand out, perhaps even stitching around the burnt letters as shown in the sketch below.



It was actually really difficult to control the way the fabric burnt. I had to cut the letters into the t-shirt. In the end, I couldn’t get the lettering style I wanted. In my next experiment with the burning technique, I will cut the lettering out of cloth in the typeface of my choice and then singe the edges. I could also stitch around the letters to make them stand out more.