Concept sketches

I sketched some ideas from my brainstorming and these were some of the results.

The two directions I have come up with are:

  1. Proven in the context of scientific theory. The way cloth drapes and falls in the context of gravity is one idea.
  2. Proven in a social context – specifically in the context of Muslim women being ‘proven’ to be oppressed or marginalised due to the burqa.

However, I will be adding more as I come up with interesting concepts.

Sketch 001

This idea will use the technique of  burning. I will need to experiment with burning techniques to see if I can control the burning enough to form a word that is legible in the end result. Initially, I thought it would be interesting to suspend the burqa from a tree, but I then realised it might be difficult to get the ‘form’ of a female figure if I do it this way. Instead, I thought the idea of wearing the burqa would be better.

The reasoning behind “burning” the words was due to the volatile nature of the topic of the burqa and Islamic feminism, globally.


Sketch 002

This uses the technique of embroidery to embellish the burqa with the word. I thought this was an interesting technique to use as sewing is stereotyped as a ‘female’ activity. I would like to experiment with the sewing machine to stitch letters onto black fabric to see what the best execution would be for this idea


Sketch 003

This concept incorporates the scientific theory. As you can see from my notes, the draped fabric is to be looped around tree branches to form the joints of the words. The issue I have with this concept is that it is too similar to the New York Times ‘T’ piece that inspired it. I have to consider what I can do differently to make this a more original idea.



2 thoughts on “Concept sketches

  1. Hi there,
    I think the sketch 001 is the most compelling concept to pursue – it’s just a matter if you can pull it off safely. Maybe you can cut out the letters and singe the edges to look like it’s burned out?

    Sketch 003 is interesting. Can you provide an image of the New York Times T piece? I am unfamiliar with it. I was thinking where dropped fabric might be a bit more relevant (rather than in a tree) – a laundry perhaps. Are there any significant cultural celebrations that dropped fabric would be appropriate?

    Just ideas, hope they can ignite further brainstorming at your end : )


    1. Thanks so much for the feedback! I did an experiment on the burning into fabric and it was virtually impossible to get any legible letters without first cutting it. I will upload my results later!

      The New York Times ‘T’ that I was inspired by is the third image on this post:

      I like the idea of doing it in a laundry! Or even from a curtain rail…I shall explore!

      Thanks 🙂


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