Artist inspiration

I found some inspiring work by other artists which I’d like to document for inspiration. They have provided me with a variety of ideas on techniques.

Fanny Viollet

I thought Fanny Viollet’s work was quite inspiring as her delicate embroidered letters are held together by a mesh.

lacewordsViollet, F 2004, ‘La mémoire, une dentelle de mots’, [image], Fanny Viollet Works, viewed on 17 July 2016, <>.

Rosemarie Heber Koczÿ

Rosemarie Heber Koczÿ uses an amazing variety of techniques and material and wraps them into interesting forms. I like the idea of using ‘cloth’ to wrap into forms to create typography and this is something I would like to explore further.


Koczÿ, R.H 1972, ‘Trees’, [image], Guggenheim Museum, viewed on 17 July 2016, <>.

Rieko Koga:

I find Koga’s stitched words and numbers on fabric very interesting. I particularly like the staggered nature in which Koga has presented the lines.

Koga, R 2014, ‘1259 – 1230’, [image], Rieko Koga’s Work, viewed on 17 July 2016, <>.

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