“Cloth” can be interpreted in many ways. A rag, fabric, textile, tablecloth, hessian and even just the metres of thread woven together to make up a piece of cloth.

I have discovered some inspiring images to relate back to “Cloth” both in the context of typography and just generally.



Hoopert, D 2007, ‘The Quick Brown Fox’, [image], in Dan Hoopert’s gallery, Behance, viewed on 14 July 2016, <>.



Xu, H 2007, ‘Fragment No.25’, [image], October Gallery, viewed 14 July 2016, <>.



Yeoman, N, ‘New York Times ‘T”. [image]. Impressive Typographic Artworks Made with Chairs, Scissors, Twigs and Fabric, Designtaxi, viewed 14 July 2016, <>.
clealalaLala, C, ‘I Don’t Love You Anymore’, [image], Mood Lettrages, Clea Lala, viewed 14 July 2016, <>.



Chornyak, B 2011. ‘Sewing Machine Type Studies’, [image], Sewing Machine Type Studies, Cargo Collective, viewed 14 July 2016, <>.

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